Indivisible TX-17

Formed at a meeting of Indivisible Austin, Indivisible TX-17 is working to effect change and protect Americans in Texas's 17th Congressional District. We are committed to taking action and holding our leadership accountable for their commitment to represent all of their constituents.


The Indivisible Guide was written to provide a guide for organizing and taking effective action to resist the unamerican and dangerous changes being proposed by the Trump administration.

Tolerance and inclusiveness are our values. We are stronger together, and our group can only be strengthened by diversity of thought, opinion, and background. This extends to diversity of political thought. If you want to take action to stop authoritarianism and prevent policies that will hurt others, strip them of their rights, or shred the social safety net, welcome aboard.

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If you're interested in helping ITX-17 protect and preserve the diversity, rights, and benefits of our fellow Americans in the 17th District, click here to be added to the group.