We're not here to tell heartwarming stories to each other. We're about ACTION! The only way we're going to stop Trump & his cronies from ruining our nation (and the world) is by active RESISTANCE! That means we're here to make it easy for you to get involved, too.

Signing a Change.org petition is nice. Venting your outrage on social media is probably healthy. But there's really only ONE way to stop the most heinous of changes likely to be proposed by this coming administration: your personal contact with your representatives! Only your CALL & VISITS to their offices have a chance of influencing their actions & votes.

So, call or, better yet, visit the following if you can, during business hours. Try to talk to a live staffer rather than leaving a voicemail. If you get a busy signal, that's GREAT; it means others are calling too! And, if you'd like more information on what the top action is for that day or a short script of what to say, join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter.

We're INDIVISIBLE, and we're undefeatable when we STAND TOGETHER!

Congressional District TX-17 Rep. Bill Flores

Austin Office:
(512) 373-3378
14205 Burnet Road, Suite 230
Austin, TX 78728

Bryan-College Station Office:
(979) 703-4037
3000 Briarcrest Drive, Suite 406
Bryan, TX 77802

Waco Office:
(254) 732-0748
400 Austin Avenue, Suite 302
Waco, TX 76701

Washington D.C. Office:
(202) 225-6105

Texas Senator John Cornyn

Central TX (Austin) Office:
(512) 469-6034
221 West Sixth Street, Suite 1530
Austin, TX 78701

Washington, D.C. Office:
(202) 224-2934

Senator Ted Cruz

Central TX (Austin) Office:
(512) 916-5834
300 E 8th, Suite 961
Austin, TX 78701

Washington, D.C. Office:
(202) 224-5922